Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two for One Holiday

Happy Valentine's Day! 

In honor of this admittedly over commercialized "holiday", here is our current bedside vignette.  On my way home Friday, I picked up a couple bunches of roses from our local market ($6.99/bunch!). It adds such a pretty vibe to the room.

Yes, it's the Alexander Girard pillow from UO.  I thought I was safe when it sold out online.  But then I entered the Burbank store several weeks ago and they had quite a few waiting for me. There were other Girard pillows half off at the time too! But not this one. grumble. Probably because it's so lovely.  Who said money couldn't buy love?


It's the Year of the Tiger.  According to
The Tiger is the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, and it is a sign of bravery. This courageous and fiery fighter is admired by the ancient Chinese as the sign that keeps away the three main tragedies of a household. These are fire, thieves and ghosts.
Fire, thieves and ghosts?  Wow. It's a good thing we maintain a streak of tigers in our household.
Rawr! I will claw you evil fire, thieves and ghosts! Grrr!

Micio is obviously ferocious.  Check our her "don't mess with me" face.

Mia on the other hand, is shy. Probably because her paws are all fur and not scary at all.  This little lady gets absolutely no traction on our floors. Watching her try to scamper off is quite a sight. She literally runs in place for a few seconds before getting anywhere. We have quite a few claw marks on our floors from her efforts.


P.S. I hate the new blogger editor. I can't get the spacing between images and text the way I want. It's driving me crazy.

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