Monday, February 8, 2010

Wurstküche vs. Rambo 2.7.2010


Wurstküche serves sausage and beer only. Yelpers seem to love this place. It is located in the excruciatingly hip Arts District in DTown and is purported to serve flavor packed sausages and exotic meats. The drafty warehouse space is kept dim, the music almost loud. The furniture was way cool. The tables, chairs, barstools -- even the food trays -- were geometric shapes. The looong beer bar was also a nice touch. I think all of their beers were on tap. They also featured a really neat variety of glass bottled sodas (cucumber soda anyone?). Patrons skewed young and dressed to match the location. Long communal tables were conducive to conversing with strangers. Way chill and comfortable. Nice friendly vibe.

Sergio: Alligator & Pork, Smoked Andouille Sausage
Elsie:Green Chillies & Cilantro Chicken&Turkey
Small Belgian Fries with Pesto Mayo dipping sauce to share
Total: $20

Meh. The fries w/sauce (really just the sauce) and room/furniture were the best parts of the meal. Both of our sausages were dry and shrunk down to maybe half the size of the bun. There was definitely some flavor there, but no juiciness. And they got so small! Sergio was still hungry. We were already discussing where to get more food as we got up from our table to leave. Decision? Rambo's Tacos on Eagle Rock was our next stop.

Atmosphere: It's a taco truck. Added bonus: possibly the best taco truck art ever! Sergio got two Tacos al Pastor. Total: $3

When we got home and he dug in..."wow!" he exclaimed. No need for the hot sauce on the side -- the well flavored meat is already spicy in a nice way. I didn't have any this round but have had them once before and know they are good. "So much better than those sausages!" he said.

Wurstküche: 0
Rambo: 1

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