Tuesday, February 9, 2010

elauinc linked to seevivier!

I can't believe it. Clare linked to this here humble little blog from hers. eeeeeek! I am over the moon about this.

seevivier.blogspot.com is where you can read about Clare Vivier's style musings, fearless boot cutting, vivier empire developments, and sweet snippets from her family life.

And now, our blogs are linked -- even if it is in an ephemeral blogosphere kind of way.

You know, I play it pretty cool most of the time. Oh sure, I get excited about many things -- food, friends, martinis, furniture, art, fashion, a good book, vampires -- but rarely do I get star struck about a person. You better believe that my world was ROCKED when she added my blog to hers. How in the the sam hill is the rest of 2010 going to live up to this?!?

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