Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bar in the Dining Room

What's that? Is that another piece of furniture? Why, yes ma'am it is.

Spied this on Craigslist early in the week. Met the seller, fellow AT Scavenger stalker named Lisa Maria. She has amazing energy, great decor taste and lives in Hollywood in a fabulous apartment on Vine. She has a crazy friendly dog who is just so adorable.

Funny. She originally purchased this from the same gal I got the Robin's egg blue chair from in Highland Park. The piece didn't quite work in Lisa Maria's space, which is why she was selling it. Lucky for us, it's perfect in ours.

Also very lucky for us, B&J agreed to help us move it in their truck and we are so grateful.

We are so throwing a Mad Men party...


  1. love how it looks with everything in it! great job!

  2. thanks. couldn't have done it without you guys!