Friday, March 5, 2010

Kyushu Ramen 2.27.2010

I heart ramen. Sergio hearts sushi. Kyushu serves both. We had been there once before when I ordered their special namesake Kyushu ramen that is made with tonkotsu style broth. It was love at first sip. Honestly, the best bowl of ramen I've had, maybe ever. This second visit, I struggled not to make the same selection. I really, really wanted that Kyushu ramen bowl again. But I try to branch out when it comes to new to us restaurants and when the waitress came by, I managed to say, "Mabo (or Ma-po) ramen please." I was not disappointed. I would have preferred a little more heat for Mabo -- but the menu didn't specify it was spicy Mabo so it was exactly what it was supposed to be. The teeny tiny space has five cozy booths along one wall, a tight row of tables along the other, and a double counter set up in the center - 4 chairs on each side. This is where we sat. Bossman came out from the kitchen every once in a while to direct the hustle and bustle eatery. Maybe it was Shuchan himself?

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