Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sergio vs. The Yard

Remember our personal meadow? Well...we really do need to get the weeds, well, weeded.

Here Sergio shows off a particularly big plant. Some of them were waist high!

We did the parkway, the front yard, and the back. Sergio was getting a bit embarrassed by our parkway. Ours, one of the largest on the block, is the worst looking one on the block. It's not quite neat yet but at least it's no longer jungle like. We found beer bottles hidden the the brush out front. I finally also put the two red kangaroo paw in the ground. The poor things were a bit shriveled from having the exist in the tiny plastic store pots for so long. I'm really hoping they don't expire.

I had insisted we start the day it stopped raining. After weeks of it, the ground was still wet -- which made it easier to yank those tap roots out. A few of the larger ones put up a fight but we won. I helped but Sergio did most of it. We left all the short "grassy" plants and targeted the tall ones. We might have to put down some sort of weed killer for the rest...

We were sore for days. I also did five loads of laundry that same day. We sure felt productive.

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