Saturday, May 22, 2010

CViv Bomber Clutch

The obsession continues....

I just got back and as predicted, felt awkwardly out of place. But I'm glad we went. We got a kick-ass parking spot right out front. Ohh, ye-ah.


So, I also fell hard for these these LD Tuttle's. I pranced around Space 15/Twenty, ostrich feathers fluttering. Sergio saw the want in my eyes and green lighted the purchase. (Despite hating the feathers, and I know he thought they were a bit heavy on ridiculous.) So, I put down the white canvas trop I was also considering and chose these and the bomber clutch instead. The seemingly 13 year old boy at the register rang them up at the full tag price. "Oh," I corrected him, "No, they're supposed to be half price." "Um, no, sorry, they're not." "Really, they're not? What about all those shoes with the red tags..." Oh. These did not have the red tag. Damn it. "Ok, then I don't want them. Just the bag then." Now, after researching online, that price he rang up WAS half of regular. Oh. Hmm. Well, aren't I the pollyanna? But, now that I see the photo, is it just me or does the shoe make me look like I have out of control, blond leg hair? Yes, I think it looks like that. (snicker)

I still want them.

UPDATE: I just figured out who that pretty girl was, giving me advice on which bag to buy. China Chow (another article). The name did flit through my confused brain, but I didn't pay it any mind. There was too much fashion fabulousness to paw through...


  1. HA! love this entry, thank you!
    Very cool that you saw China Chow. She is beautiful.
    Merci for the post!!

  2. SHUT UP! I want that clutch!! Do you love it? Ever since my colleague got the CViv's Target Red Hot Shop clutch, I've been coveting one. And China Chow gave you handbag advice? Sounds like a fantastic night out!

  3. love it. It was a pretty good night! Hey, are we on for Terroni?