Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woolly Pockets!!

We are so excited to be the proud owners of our very own set of Woolly Pockets! I discovered the pockets last year via various home design blogs and of course, instantly wanted.

We purchased our pockets from Pot-ted on Los Feliz today and picked out an arrangement of hopefully hardy low water plants from Armstrong Nursery. It was so easy to install too. Well, actually, it's supposed to be easy. Sergio broke a bit drilling into the wall (we think we hit rebar). And he had to drive out to Home Depot to get a new one. But once he got all the right tools, it went up in a snap! We were trying to beat nightfall (and make it in time for the Lost show finale) so the photo is a bit dark. But, you can see our little solar lights switched on here.

For a brief time, we considered DIY-ing a version of Flora Grubb's Vertical Garden. It's much more architectural and "designed". Pretty huh? It's a living painting.

But, we are so glad we went with the Woollys. The breathable planters are made from recycled plastic bottles! And hopefully, the trailing plants we chose will create maybe just a smidgen of the same lusciousness at Culver City's Smog Shoppe.

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