Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nora & Bebi's Visit: Roundup

Nora and Bebi's visit is coming to a close. Despite a 4+ hour stint at Urgent Care, a lot of yard work, sitting around in the back yard listening to Alfonso Mel Mockingbird, doing Italian crosswords and magazine reading, I think they had a good time.

Only one request for their entire vacation: MOCA. The last time they were here, there was a really comprehensive Basquiat exhibit that they really enjoyed. Nora did a little research and was eager to see the current MOCA show: a 30 year retrospective on their best art! The first half especially was incredible. Bebi said seeing the pieces brought him back in time.

One of the best things about hosting out of towners is that we get to be tourists too. And lucky for us, the weather has been postcard perfect.

4.30.2010, Friday
  • Lunch: Malibu Seafood, Malibu
  • Museum: The Getty Villa, Malibu
  • Dinner at home: Lobster tails and giant shrimp courtesy of Chi!

5.1.2010, Saturday
  • As a result from a fall the night before, Nora wakes up to a very sore knee and is unable to walk. :(
  • We get crutches and decide to wait it out a little to see if it gets better.
  • Sergio and Bebi work on the yard.
5.2.2010, Sunday
  • Bebi and Sergio work on the yard.
  • Nora's knee is still not better by nightfall. We decide to take a trip to urgent care. Chi graciously drives and sits with the family. The Dr. says it's nothing serious - just a big bruise basically. It's ok to try and walk on it if it's not too painful.
  • Midnight Dinner: Jenny and I pick up from Thai Eagle Rox.
5.3.2010, Monday
  • Bebi and Sergio work on the yard.
  • Dinner: Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake

5.4.2010, Tuesday
  • Dim Sum: New Capitial Seafood in San Gabriel
  • Red mulch for the patio area; Midday Snack: Wine Spritzers and Hummus
  • Dinner in our new patio: Stuffed Salmon, Parmesan Pearl cous cous, Grilled purple asparagus with balsamic mushrooms.

5.5.2010, Wednesday
  • Bebi and Sergio have a business meeting in Santa Fe Springs
  • Nora gets new new sunglasses. (Tre chic, non?)
  • Sergio naps with Micio.
  • Lunch: Nicole's Gourmet, South Pasadena

5.6.2010, Thursday
  • Downtown L.A.: MOCA, Disney Concert Hall
  • Dinner with Greg and Carol: Nicky D's Pizzeria, Silver Lake

5.7.2010, Friday
  • Wine tasting day trip: Solvang, Mosby Winery, Sanford Winery

5.8.2010, Saturday
  • Estate Sale: Alta Dena
  • Early Mother's Day Brunch: Pancakes with fresh strawberry topping, Crab quiche, Asparagus quiche, Maple/Bacon sausage, Tarragon roasted potatoes, Shrimp Cocktail, Sanford Chardonnay (WOW), mimosas, key lime pie...

We'll be hitting up our local artwalk tonight and it's off to the airport tomorrow! Whew! What a whirlwind week. There has been some talk of travel delays due to volcano smoke, but they can always take a train from their layover city, Zurich. Ahh, I love European travel.

More pictures...


  1. I'm cracking up at you documenting everything you guys ate! I'm particularly drawn to the Mother's Day brunch menu.

  2. haha! Yeah, we are way too obsessed with eating as diversion. I found a really good pancake recipe for that bunch -- it involves curdling milk with vinegar! crazy sounding but made fluffy pancakes.

  3. Oh yeah… doesn't that turn the milk into buttermilk, hence making buttermilk pancakes? Hey, speaking of food- have you been to Terroni in LA?

  4. well i'll be. buttermilk. didn't even occur to me. :) have not been to terroni. this is the one that started in toronto, no? my coworker (toronto native) is in love with the place -- can't get enough and promises to take me there soon. hm. I better remind him.

  5. I want to check it out when we're in LA, maybe we could meet up there with our Italian significant others!

  6. sounds like a plan! will email soon.