Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dwell on Design 2010

Today we got to attend (air quotes) The West Coast's Largest Design Event (end air quote). It was really fun and we are pooped. My feetsies hurt. And it's not just because I have gimpy feet. We walked a lot more than usual and well, I do have gimpy feet. (Stupid accessory bone.)

My wallet was not entirely unscathed but there were a few very close calls with $100+ price tags I'm proud to say we triumphed over. It's just that when everything is in the $1000+ range, anything under $400 seems like such a deal....right?

Some of my favorite things.
  • Air plant chandelier installation
  • Metal mesh horse art piece
  • Phatport (for my dream electric smart car!)
  • Prefabs
  • Drool inducing ceramics!
  • Chairs. I don't know why I like them so much. I love chairs. (Probably because of my gimpy feet.) And there were so many gorgeous and quirky designs.
  • Amazing interactive art installation -- see video at bottom.
  • Margaritas.
The last item was at lunch at El Cholo down the street where Sergio had a salad the size of his head! We circled back into the trade show to meet up with Nelson and Liz. They were on the prowl for adult friendly kid items. It was so fun and totally worth it!


  1. What did you end up getting??

  2. a couple of really cool pillows from a shop hailing out of Chicago. i'll take a pic and post when I get a chance! hope you're having a good time with house guests!

  3. Can't wait to see your pillows! Happy long weekend!