Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Dress A Day

Meet Marisa.

Cool transformation, huh? What makes her even cooler is that she creates a new piece, every single day. You see, she is 207 days into a year long project to forgo traditional clothes shopping, with the added challenge of making something new every day.

Armed with a pair of shears, a sewing machine, and sometimes, a good roll of tape, Marisa sets about customizing garage sale and flea market finds. I'm not a seamstress, but it doesn't look like what she does with the clothes is particularly difficult. What is impressive to me is her ability to see the better version inside each original garment and the public commitment to her self-imposed challenge.

Witness her quest on her blog: New Dress A Day.

Reading her blog makes me want a sewing machine. But I doubt having one would actually spark any kind of sustained creative activity. I am such a sloth. Lazy, lazy sloth. zzzz...z..


  1. Hi Elsie,
    I thought this was very interesting and I sent it to the Style Director of the magazine, Laurie Pike. She thought it was so cool and contacted her and liked the fact that she is local. Laurie said she might interview her for our Tastemaker page. Thanks for the post. I love blogs.

  2. Oh that makes me so happy! If the interview does happen, please tell Marisa I'm a big fan of hers!

  3. Hi Elsie,
    Our Style Director came to me this morning and told me that she met with Marisa at her home and interviewed her and saw all the cloths. She is so excited and thinks it is so cool that she wants to have Marisa for our tastemaker section in Sep. issue. Unfortunately I wasn't there to give her your message but I'm sure now she knows she has fans like you and me.

  4. cool! I will look for it in September!