Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap: Part 1

My birthday weekend was a-ma-zing! Due in no small part to my lover man to whom I also happened to be married. Like I told someone at dinner last night, my guy is usually quite stoic. But this weekend, he totally had his "it's elsie's birthday weekend" game face on.

Part 1
The Renegade Craft Fair was so fun! There were so many things I wanted to shell out the cash for but resisted. I wanted it all!!! Sometimes, I feel like everyone (else) in the world is so uber-talented. It was great to be milling around in the happy, creative crowd. I'm hoping some of that magic rubbed off on me...

Threadess Tees had a cute set up and Magnolia Photo Booth Co. was giving out free sessions. One of Sergio's faves was this artist who created sculptures out of old music equipment. The pieces moved and made noises!

I almost purchased a couple of prints from The Poster List. Sergio chatted up with the company owner/graphic designer whose work I was crushing on. I couldn't decide which one I wanted in the time it took for their conversation to finish so I didn't. These were the three I wanted.

I like this photo because I look kind of tall(ish), despite wearing flip-flops. And, I felt really smart and smug for thinking to wear my big straw hat. I wear sunblock daily -- even when I'm just going to be parked in the office all day. Regardless though, I tan like a vintage Zartan doll. I tan through clothes and possibly through brick walls. Silly, I know.

But I was slightly traumatized one summer as a kid. I was maybe 10 or 11. We were going to the public pool nearly every day. My one-piece bathing suit was very cute and I think maybe the first I got to choose all by myself. It was purple and white polka dots all over, with vertical stripes just on the sides of the torso. I learned slimming wardrobe tricks early, huh? Anyway, I wore it ALL SUMMER. Like I said, we went to that pool nearly every single day. We stayed in the water ALL day. Can you imagine the horror I noticed just a few weeks in? Think about it. Sunlight goes through white fabric a lot easier than the dark purple pigment. Vertical striped waist and polka dots all over. Yep. You better believe I slathered sunblock on the rest of the summer. And, it was when crop tops were all the rage. I vaguely remember someone thinking I had a pigmentation disorder. Sigh. Still, I kind of miss that swimsuit.

Shh....I took today off work! Tee hee! And I don't have a thing planned! :) I'm hoping a nice walk and some good food will happen because I love both of those things. And, like I said in my last post, it's the year of love!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Elsie! What a great way to spend your bday- Renegade Craft Fair! I was at the one in Chicago last September and had sensory overload, I wanted to buy sooo many things. Now, here's another small world/Elsie and Lois's worlds collide story for you… I know the dude who is the designer/owner behind The Poster List! He's from Toronto and we used to work together at the company I am still working for. He moved out to California a few years ago but I think that's where his heart always belonged. :)

  2. Oh how funny! I think he mentioned that he was from Canada. Are you going to look him up while you're here? You should invite him to taco night!

  3. Hey Lois! Good to see you on here. email me at! Thx Elsie for popping by!