Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap: Part 2

He said dinner wasn't the surprise, so, I was to pick anything I felt like eating that night. "Even noodles," he said. What? Did my ears deceive me? I l-o-v-e noodles -- especially soup noodles. aaaaahhhhh. Ramen, Udon, Pho, Wonton.... I love them all. Sergio doesn't. So, that's exactly what I chose. He chuckled. I could've chosen anything and I wanted noodles. Hey, it was my birthday after all and I wanted noodles. In soup.

Nabeyaki Udon, Tokyo style. Yum He got a bit of cold Soba and a tuna sashimi bowl.

Post dinner, we stumbled upon a free movie screening in the courtyard.

Then, it was time. He led me along a circuitous route to the Gold Class cinema! Have you been? The most luxurious and fantastic movie viewing experience, ever. We checked in and descended two sets of escalators to the lounge. It was dim, stylish and comfortable. A full bar bathed in red light flanked one side. One dedicated server per party. The menu is interesting and the wine list surprisingly deep -- I mean, it's a movie theater!! I ordered a Vanilla Manhattan (Makers Mark bourbon, Navan vanilla liqueur, sweet vermouth. Shaken.) He ordered a Sangiovese (Ciacci Piccolomini 07, Tuscany). Both were so tasty. AND I ordered House Made Beignets served with one chocolate and one strawberry sauce. mmm...mmm..

When it was time to be seated for the movie, we brought our drinks and food in! And the chairs. Oh my. Giant, plush and they recline electronically at the push of a button. Ushers came around asking softly if we wanted a pillow or a blanket. My goodness. And, if you find yourself needing another drink or more food during the movie, just push another button to summon one of the waitstaff!

I'm sorry the pictures are so dark. I know I'm a nerd and all but didn't want to seem like a complete dork with a bright flash.

P.S. We watched Inception. WOW. He couldn't have chosen a better movie. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it so we can talk about it. Go!

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