Saturday, July 17, 2010

John Hill Jr. & Eric Garcetti sightings - both in one night!

Hey, so I haven't been keeping up with my blogging. I blame it on the heat. It makes doing anything seem really, well, challenging.

Anyway, this post is like 2 in 1 so it sorta makes up for it.

We met artist John Hill Jr. on Friday evening. It was opening night of his exhibit, DRAWN, at THIS: los angeles on Fig. You need to go here and see his work. Go. Today.

The long multi-panel piece behind me and John was my and Sergio's favorite. A tad out of our price range but totally worth it. I wonder if the gallery would consider layaway? Is that lame? Layaway art? God. We want that piece. I think we're gonna steal it.

Click to open this image bigger to appreciate the detail.

. Period.

We bought one of the small cash and carry pieces instead. Paid a little extra for the framing. Hopefully we'll get to pick up next week and I'll share a photo.

We got there in time to get one of the gift bags! Yes please and thank you!

Later that night:

Follierio's - Pizza Romano. They have a fancy new sign but the pie is still kick-ass.

Alcove Cafe & Bakery

So, on the way to Alcove, I tweeted that I spied City Council President Eric Garcetti right behind us in his EV-1. I was mistaken. He drives a RAV4 EV. Oh yeah...that's right, GM murdered all the EV-1's. (How could I forget that sobering documentary?) Not only was I mega excited to see him, I was ecstatic to see him IN his famous (at least to me) EV. (I am such a nerd.) And then, we saw his car parked outside of FroyoLife on Hillhurst, right across the street from Alcove. I peered through the windows as we walked by, hoping to see him digging into a cup of yogurt or picking out toppings. Alas, I couldn't ID him for sure.

Hey, remember when his mouthwatering Echo Park home was featured in Dwell Mag? mmm.... excuse me while I take a moment to drool.


Confession: Seeing those solar panels sped my heartbeat a little. (Yes, end of post and I'm still a nerd.)

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