Friday, July 23, 2010


Just got back from an evening spent on the Santa Monica Pier surrounded by deliriously happy, dancing, singing Italians. They (and we) were all gathered for Jovanotti! Sergio was excited when he found out this guy was in town -- apparently Jovanotti is a superstar in the home country. And, judging by the crazy, funk-delicious set he put on earlier tonight, for good reason. We sat through the first two acts but were up and dancing the moment he came on stage.

My shriveled geriatric camera did its very, very best tonight...but was overcome by the dark and distance. So, I've posted his performance from the 2005 Live 8 Rome concert via YouTube instead. He's a little scruffy and the sound isn't the greatest, but damn that energy and beat is infectious.

He looks more like this now.


The pics on the right are from the Baciami Ancora video, a song he made for a Gabriele Muccino film of the same name. I've never heard of this movie but the video makes me want to see it now. Even if only for the gorgeous Italy scenery.

Psssstt! Here is a short video I got earlier tonight with my camera. (Sorry camera. I didn't mean to call you geriatric.)


  1. OMG. Jovanotti!! I can't believe you guys saw him in concert! hahaha. We were just talking about him the other day with Carlo's sister and brother-in-law who are here from Rome…

  2. HA!! It was an amazing concert. Sergio was so happy. (He's from Rome too!) There's been a sad void of italians in his life since moving from boston. So hearing and seeing so many all at once was especially exciting.

  3. Carlo is especially excited to meet Sergio!