Saturday, July 24, 2010

LA Cornfield

Kicked off Birthday Weekend 2010 with a potent Chi-Chi at Damon's last night. I ordered a steak. I rarely do that but it really hit the spot. But now, I'm kind of turned off the meat for a while...

This morning, we are off to check out the Renegade Craft Fair.

Craftiness from all over the country, live music, workshops, food trucks! Oh my. And it's free! Yay!

Sewing, gocco-printing, kite making, yarn-spinning--and a rogue marching band.

I am SO there.

Part of my eagerness to attend is the chance to check out the location: LA State Historic Park. Growing up, we drove by the site almost weekly, to or from Chinatown. It was always a parking lot of industrial ugliness. And then all the containers, buses, trucks and tracks disappeared. It stayed that way for a while. About once a year, rare rainwater naturally cultivated the latent seeds in the deserted field into lush, lush, jewel-like green, fallowing to dust as the summer heat drew near.

I remember how exciting it was to learn that the state acquired the parcel with open space intent. And then an artist, Lauren Bon, became a farmer and planted a cornfield. (A great interview with her is here.)

"A living sculpture in the form of a field of corn." It was fantasy become reality. It was beautiful. I remember my mom asking if we were allowed to go down and pick the corn to eat. I said, "No, It's art. You can't eat the art." The pictures and project documented here.

There are such big plans for the park. Some include shutting it down for years to build a high-speed rail through it, honestly, I'm torn about.

Anyway. Enough of this mental meandering. I'm off to the cornfields!!

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