Saturday, September 11, 2010

FNO: Abbot Kinney

FNO success! Sergio and I have never explored Abbot Kinney together so we though it would be the perfect choice. We knew the night was going to be awesome when we scored great parking almost immediately. It wasn't too crowded, everyone was super friendly -- absolutely no pretension. Lots of happy, smiley peeps out on a lovely evening, enjoying drinks and fashion. There are so many great shops on that street now. It has really transformed since the decade plus or so since I've last been.

So, what did we come home with?
  1. A kinetic sculpture from Surfing Cowboys. Great store. Can't wait to go back.
  2. A money tree in egg shaped planter from The Juicy Leaf. A store after my own succulent lovin' heart.
  3. A new friendship with the proprietor of The Juicy Leaf. (Hi Felix!)

It spins!

Money tree egg getting cozy with my heath and eri sugimoto vases.

Snippets from our 'till closing time chat:

F: "Felix like the cat."
E: "Elsie like the cow."

F: "Would you like a Shandy? It's half Heineken half Sprite. It's refreshing!"
E: (ew face)

E: "Oh wow, it's really good."

F: "I love the smart car. "
E: "Me too! I have a picture of me hugging one!

(love it.)

BONUS: Sergio and I chatted with handbag superstar Clare Vivier and met her lovely friends Else (pronounced Elsa) and Jocelyn outside of Steven Alan. I almost picked up the Trop...or buttery red Mini-Sac. Uh-oh. Inner banter about to ensue. Please ignore as you like. (soon. i promise. no really. yeah, i know. but i really wanted that trop. yeah. i know. do you really need...shut up, YES. really? si. no, really. sighx2. you know, it's your fault for letting that discount code expire. yeah, i know.)

More pictures here:
Fashion's Night Out 2010

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