Friday, September 10, 2010

LA FNO 2010

Fashion's Night Out is in Los Angeles this year! And it's tonight! (it's way too late. i've been uploading vegas pics. yawn.) This global event promotes fashion and commerce, with an eye toward charity. Check out all the countries with participating cities!

There are so many events! I'm a little beside myself on which to attend. I'm seriously considering Abbot Kinney so I can stalk Cviv. But then, I've been meaning to check out the new Santa Monica Place. I mean, JT is gonna be there! Oh wait, there's the Beverly Center where there is a red carpet event, the mayor, and fashion shows! What about my beloved Los Feliz...

I have no idea which I'll be at. Probably the one Sergio is willing to drive me to. Yeah, I know. I'm majorly crowd leery and this event promises to be crowded. And dang it, the hipness of it all will inevitably make me feel out of place. But how can I resist the lure of live music, cupcakes, flowing cocktail samples, the chance to meet the designers themselves -- and percentages of purchases going toward various charitable causes? Well. I wont. Resist, I mean. I'll let you know how I fare.

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