Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bed me baby!

One final goal to accomplish before the new year? Get off the motherf-ing floor! Our "bed" has technically been on the floor since we moved in 2.5 years ago. Yes, years my dears, years. Our mattress sits atop a box spring so, deceptively, it appears like we have a bed. But we don't. And really, I'm 33. I'm, like, an adult. (Mostly.) I think I deserve to wake up in a real bed everyday.

I have been stalking the Edland bed from IKEA for years. Ever since it was yellow! Back then, it was called the Hemnes. I showed it to Sergio back then and said we could paint it white since I knew he wasn't into the yellow. He was not into the style either though. Since then, I made him accompany my visit with the bed every time we were in the IKEA showroom. Still no. Flash forward to yesterday. Young House Love posted about their Edland bed.

I forwarded the post to Sergio...and, drumroll....he said yes! yippeeee!

I purchased the bed today! (BTW, IKEA was ka-ray-zee today! I guess a lot of people need furniture for the new year.) We plan to assemble tomorrow when I get home from work. Or on NYE day before dinner. We WILL wake up in a new bed for the new year! We will, we will, we will!

I'll post before and afters, well, after.

Photo from
(How cute is that little pup? Perhaps even cuter is that his name is Burger. That might beat out my favorite dog name!)

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