Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Roundup

This time next week, it will be 2011. gulp!

I don't know about you but 2010 has been so grand, I can't quite pry my greedy little fingers off of it just yet.

A few highlights, in no particular order...

  • We made incredible memories--too many to count--with people we love.
  • We met new friends both far and near.
  • Las Vegas, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas.
  • Bebi and Nora visit.
  • Ace Hotel Palm Springs.
  • Clare Vivier!
  • ...via whom I got to meet some of my blogosphere heroes.
  • Witnessed declarations of love, again and again.
  • Sergio built an amazing back patio and bin enclosure.
  • Babies, babies everywhere!
  • Finally got to meet Noe after following his mom's blog forever.
  • We installed central air and heat. eeeeeee!!!!!!
  • Our house is awesome and we're so lucky.

  • My goodness, I love life.

    But wait! There's a few days of 2010 yet to appreciate. Let's make 'em count!

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