Sunday, December 5, 2010

Huntington Library and Gardens

What an amazing place. I can't believe we don't visit more often.

- Top to bottom -
  • Pink lusciousness in the ridiculously fragrant rose garden.
  • Yummy moss sandwiches tucked up above the Japanese garden entrance.
  • Weeping willow crying out CHARTREUSE!
  • Golden ginkgo leaf confetti.
  • Magical fairy sized pine forest.
  • Lightbulbs!
  • Isaac Newton's own copy of Opticks, published 1717. Yes, really.
The gardens are obvious superstars here, but the Library collection is ah-may-zing. The permanent exhibition, "Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World," is worth a visit alone. This tightly edited roster of original manuscripts and hand-scribbled notes from marquee names such as Ptolemy, Galileo, Darwin, Aristotle, Newton, Einstein...(list goes on and on) gave me goosebumps!

Happy (early) birthday Stephen! And thank you Sean for inviting us. It was a great day!

Stephen and Sean at entrance to Chinese Garden.

The Chinese garden.

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