Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crafty Goodness + Nick's Cafe

There are so many pop-up shops and craft shows during the holiday season, it's difficult to keep track of them all! There is certainly no shortage of interesting and special gift ideas. This particular weekend though, it feels like all people crafty and arty are setting up shop.

We have plans to attend Unique L.A. with some friends. It's the "largest independent design & gift show in the country." Partial proceeds go to 826la. Cool.

Maybe we'll swing by Artisanal LA just around the corner. It's 2 for 1 entrance to this one if we show them Unique LA wristbands. Our local coffeeshop, Cafe de Leche, will be there and you know how I love to support local businesses. They're touting the newest food trucks, roasted chestnuts and partial proceeds go to LAUSD edible gardens projects. Well then. Yummy, local-centric and charitable. Seems lovely.

Then again, there is the first ever Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in L.A. being held at the cornfield again. We had a pretty good time when we attended the regular show this past summer.

We might go back just so we can visit Nick's Cafe! It's an old LAPD hangout from waaay back in the day, right across the street from the park. I can imagine how seedy the area must have been when it was an industrial rail yard. The inside seating space is teeny counter service only. Outside boasts a smattering of plastic patio furniture strewn about. And it's cash only. I can't remember if Sergio liked his meal but I had the most an amazing split pea soup. They must use ham hocks.

I don't know. We shall see. There is soo much going on aside from these three shows. I need to get the house cleaned up and decorated! And work is surprisingly busy right now. Speaking of, it's my company party on Saturday night. What an I going to wear? AND Alpna's Annual Phony Christmas dinner. EGADS. breathe. I do love this time of year though. So festive and fun. Just a little busy.

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