Saturday, April 9, 2011

A City Afternoon, thanks to Richard Mora

This day promised to be a great from the very start. The sky was blue, air breezy crisp, and we had tickets to God of Carnage, currently being performed at the Ahmanson by the original Broadway cast.

Of course, a pre-show meal was in order and we decided on Bottega Louie, a downtown restaurant/bar/deli/patisserie with a Galeries Lafayette (Paris) feel - an instant favorite! We swung the glass doors open into an airy, light filled space, humming with conviviality. Customers were seated and munched away happily, waited eagerly in line, or browsed the long case of gorgeous edible wares. Employees bustled and swirled around the ebbing and flowing crowd with friendly efficiency. We shared a ready-made sandwich from the deli that they unexpectedly halved and plated for us with a side of Dijon potato salad. Upon snagging a seat in the tightly packed bar dining area, we were offered complimentary flat or sparking water.

The stroll to the theater amongst the tall architecture of downtown was pleasant and, thanks to the sidewalk slant of Bunker Hill, quite warm. The outdoor plaza at the Music Center was alive with a festive dance celebration, I think having to do with the Alvin Ailey show that just opened at the Dorothy Chandler. We entered the Ahmanson and settled into our seats for a story we knew nothing about.

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Wow! No wonder they extended the run and of course it has won awards. What a fun and unexpected production. Marcia Gay Harden is brilliant in this (and surprisingly athletic). It is one-act but never tedious. The entire show is basically a single conversation between two, really messed up couples and slyly, with humor and charm, presents a host of social -isims: racism, classism, sexism, alcoholism, homophobism, rude cell phone yakking-ism, etc. for consideration.

If you can, go see it! Here's a link to a LAT cast interview.

We couldn't resist swinging back into Bottega Louie for treats to take home! Look how lovely...

macaroons in their pretty pink box

macroons on our newly thrifted pyrex plate

raspberry beignet, so not a jelly doughnut people

THANK YOU Richard! Sergio and I had a wonderful day. We owe you a macaroon or two. How about another lunch? Louie's maybe?

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