Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Productive Sunday

Today was a good day. We stopped in at Cafe de Leche for a spot o'caffeine + pastry, where we ran into Andrew+Phil (formerly Yermo). Then onwards to Atwater Farmer's Market where we picked up amazing organic veggie goodness and a gaggle of plants for the yard. We started right in on the yard work, er, landscaping when we got home. Security light was replaced, front and back lawn+parkway+ribbon driveway was mowed, and armfuls of weeds pulled. Plants were potted+planted+re-potted. Most importantly, we swept up heaps and heaps of leaves and old lawn cuttings laying in browning mounds around the property. We filled up that green bin to the very tippy top!

Our arms+back+legs ache. ouch. But, we're satisfied with the hard work we managed to squeeze into the final moments of the weekend. Our front yard is finally getting some love and countless yard project debates nearing (semi)conclusions. The key is to pick a single project and focus. We have a tendency towards the shotgun effect when it comes to targeting a project. This year, we're gonna switch on our sniper skillz and finish projects, one at a time.

Here's Sergio, laser scope on.

It was a nice weekend on Almaden Drive overall. The atmosphere was especially convivial with everyone out in their yards, readying for warm weather living. That's Andrew's mower Sergio is running around with and Andrew and Jen gifted us three iris plants we put right into the ground out front. Sergio helped Scott move a BBQ grill and Craig helped mow Saul's parkway. It's downright suburbia in Highland Park.

P.S. I just realized that my knuckles ache. While weeding, I twisted the especially stubborn clumps around my fingers for more leverage. Boy. My knuckles are such babies. Shush! There's no crying in landscaping.

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