Monday, July 18, 2011

Circle in the corner

What's that I spy in the dining room corner?

Circle pot in the corner

It's our Circle Pot from Potted! If you recall, I finally planted it a week ago. It took another week to get it hung.
Circle pot

There are three different types of plants and a little buddy.
Circle pot planting

I hope those little plants grow super long and spill over and hang down like crazy! It's just barely cresting over both sides right now.
Circle Pot - under

Be careful if you ever come over and decide to hang out in that corner. It hangs a bit low - my head is still sore from when I bumped it pretty hard on the pot. But I want to try and keep it low so we can see it from outside in the backyard.

We are totally crushing on this tantalizing orange color right now. It's so happy!

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