Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Landscaping: PROGRESS

I apologize for the quality of forthcoming images. All are from the iPhone and I was too tired to try very hard. We've been hard at work all weekend. My feet hurt.

Dirty Feet

We've been discussing a decomposed granite patio for months now. We finally got cracking this weekend. After spending an excruciating Saturday at Home Depot (that place is like purgatory), we spent Sunday afternoon working on it. And by we I mean Sergio.


Pre-DG patio

DG patio in progress

(AFTER ...coming soon! Hopefully we'll have a bit of time to make some progress during the week. I'll keep you posted!)

While Sergio toiled in the back, I performed much needed Rx on my potted plants. I replanted my hurting plant babies in the correct soil and in bigger containers. I hope they perk up soon. (I'm such a bad plant mama.)

Plant Rx

And, I finally filled our Circle Pot from Potted! We got this fabulous planter half-off because it has a few blemishes. All the more perfect if you ask me. Cannot wait to put it up!

Circle Pot

Oh, and our Japanese Maple is back!! We thought it died. I think it was shocked by being replanted in last summer's intense heat and retreated into early hibernation. We were so sad but now, so happy!
Japanese Maple


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