Thursday, August 18, 2011


Great friends + New recipe + Bubbly = great time.

Brunch has quickly become my favorite meal to host. The bright of the day makes it easier to focus on what counts: your guests. The champagne drinks don't hurt either. :) This time I got to try out a delicious new dessert recipe (Marsala poached figs over vanilla ricotta) and we dug into a couple of special jams we've been saving, one from a lavender farm in Ojai, and another from here.

Brunch plate
Special jams

We got to rock out with Diana and Lior just last month. But we hadn't seen Sophie since her party! So happy to finally get a chance to hang with her and her parents.

Yeah, I know I posted pictures of baby Sophie yesterday. But you all don't mind just one more, do you?


I mean, look at that face. Click on a photo to hop on over to my photostream for more!

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