Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Iberico Tapas, a pop-up restaurant

Last Sunday, after our ritual weekend coffee from Cafe de Leche, we came across a pop-up restaurant happening in El Chapin, our local Guatemalan restaurant and cafe. As of this posting, the Yelp listing says El Chapin is closed, which is not true. It was for a second but now it's open again.

The chef for Iberico Tapas hails from Spain and his wife told us they were hoping to open a permanent storefront someday. The menu featured an interesting and diverse mix of tapas dishes, and a smattering of entrees. We choose one entree and two tapas to share.


I'm sorry I didn't steal a menu so I could describe the dishes we ordered properly. They all had beautiful Spanish names that I could not pronounce.

Terrine of truffle potato mousse topped with poached egg and American caviar.
Braised pork with potato and egg
Cod puree spread

Regardless of what they were called, each dish was SO delicious. Yummmy. We liked it so much that we want to call all our friends down for a brunch there next Sunday! The pop-up will be running every Sunday, 11AM - 3PM, until the end of the month (I think).


  1. The name of the chef is Justo Vicent, and you can google him if you want to know more about him. Great pictures!

  2. Great pictures showing tasty and colorful food. Thanks for posting.