Thursday, November 10, 2011

Juniper Ridge

Am ♥loving♥ Juniper Ridge, the products and the company.

From the Juniper Ridge website:
The mission of Juniper Ridge is to create unique and beautiful wildcrafted products from native western plant and tree trimmings. At Juniper Ridge, we practice sustainable harvesting methods and we believe in defending Western wilderness by donating a portion of every dollar sold.

I came across this amazing line of products for the first time at Driftwood in Silver Lake. Walking into the store was like I had just brushed against a wild sage bush on a warm afternoon hike in Malibu. The scent was amazing.

So when I suddenly and involuntarily slid my eyelids closed, flared my nostrils and inhaled deeply while walking past a particular booth at the SF farmer's market, I recognized the experience immediately. I just had to bring some of that home. (BTW: I'm proud to say that this is the only non-food/travel related item I purchased the entire trip!)

Juniper Ridge Soap - Big Sur

I scrubbed up with the soap this morning and it was lovely. The scent is actually quite subtle. I think I might pick up a bottle of the natural room spray. A spritz from one of these magical bottles is like a 3 second journey into fresh, wild nature.

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