Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alyson Iwamoto Ceramics

I discovered Alyson Iwamoto's work at the recent State of Unique (formerly Unique L.A.) Local Love show.

Alyson Iwamoto Ceramics - State of unique

We chatted with Alyson for a bit. She told us about the labor-intensive process and a cute story of how her husband doesn't know what he's allowed to eat in the fridge anymore. I really wanted one of those gorgeous melon vases. Or the radish one. I ended up with this adorable brooch instead:

Origami Rabbit Pin

This little guy has stolen my heart but I'm sure going to keep an eye out for Alyson's fruit and veggie creations. Find her here: http://www.alysoniwamoto.com

Speaking of the event, I found a picture of us on the State of Unique blog! Mental note: Those pants are way better with a heel.


  1. I like the photo! You are cute and you look so happy. :)

    I like the porcelain vases and cups, especially that huge cup. :)