Sunday, February 26, 2012

HPK - Highland Park Kitchen

A new restaurant, HPK (Highland Park Kitchen) in walking distance to our house, soft opened last week. We were patrons at their first brunch service on Saturday. It was entirely empty except for us, the coffee vendor setting up the espresso machine, the sweet waitress, the chef, and the friendly owner, Rudy Martinez. He sat with us for quite a bit and we chatted about the restaurant and the neighborhood. He got us pretty excited about some of the things that are slated to happen on York, like a WINE BAR. Maybe even two! Ahh! But back to HPK (formerly Los Lobos, formerly Marty's).

First, they have classic brunch cocktails: your choice of Red or White Sangria, a Mimosa, or a Bloody Mary. And for $15 your glass is bottomless! yowsa! I ordered the White Sangria. Sergio didn't order anything but after chatting for bit....out came another glass and the entire pitcher! Probably because we were the only ones in the place. The Sangria was pretty nice and went down real easy. It was sweet and perhaps a bit more fruit floating around would have been more lovely, if only for effect. But I'm not complaining. It totally hit the spot.

As for food, I ordered the very fluffy Lemon Blueberry pancakes. I really liked this dish because it wasn't super sweet. It was tarty and tasty, and the juicy blueberries were inside the pancakes! Not just on top. I think maybe the dish could have been benefited from a little extra syrup on the side in case I did want to kick up the sugar levels, but I was happy. Sergio ordered the HPK breakfast which was two eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns. Sorry I didn't get a photo. He said the hash browns were pretty special.

We sat in the coveted window spot inside...but just think of all the leisurely brunches that are going to be had out in the dog friendly patio! We're intrigued by some of the other items on the menu for lunch and dinner, and prices seem good. We're just so happy to have another good restaurant on the block.

HPK officially launches with a party on Wednesday, February 29. Sergio and I will be there to show our support and mingle with our neighbors. Will you?


  1. oh that pancake looks sooo good!


  2. did you go last night? I got lazy and skipped it:) would love to hear if you liked it!

  3. @lizz i had to stay home and nurse the boy (flu). ugh. i was so looking forward to it too. i might hit it up again this weekend ... or maybe blossom? :)