Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marfa Amigos at Heath

Full set here.

After Photo Camp, a few of us jaunted over to Heath for the Marfa Amigos show. In addition to the luscious leather furniture by Jamey Garza, gorgeous cozy pillows by Constance Holt, and El Cosmico posters, there was amazing BBQ (served from a giant smoker/grill towed all the way from Austin, TX, margaritas, and live music. I met Marfa brands soap-maker Ginger Griffice while in line for the restroom. She had on the most amazing yellow dress. I kind of wish I had stayed longer - the music was seriously awesome. But I was craving my pajamas like crazy so scooted home early.

(Hi Laura, Scheherazade, Morgan, Laure!)

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