Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo Camp

I was so excited when Laure + Morgan announced: Photo Camp. Not only because I admire these gals somethin' fierce, but because I knew I would learn lots (thereby hitting some of those resolutions) and meet some fab peeps. CHECK and CHECK.

We started camp with introductions, dove right into Photoshop, had lunch, and then did a little shooting in and around the room -- which was the magically sparkleful headquarters. Our lunch desserts doubled as a tabletop set up. It was so interesting to see everyone's unique perspective! There were certainly lots of camera ready moments in the room but my favorite thing to shoot is people doing what they're doing. I was once going to be a photojournalist you know. Feels like a lifetime ago. Anyway, I spent the pre-Mad Men season premier hours practicing on Photoshop. I obviously still have lots to learn but am so happy with my progress!

Before and Afters
Ali+Laure Before Ali+Laure

(The change is subtle with this one but it's such a sweet little dress, I had to include it.)
VintageDress Before VintageDress

InspirationWall Before InspirationWall

ShootingTabletop Before ShootingTabletop

Camera Check Before Camera Check

Stairs Before Stairs

RedShoes Before RedShoes

Full set here.

Thanks Laure and Morgan! It was a blast. Can't wait to see everyone again. (What's this about Marfa?)

Photo Camp forever // @hellocamp

Photo Camp forever.


  1. Your photo of the lobby is spot on! I don't believe Mr Shulman could have done any better.

    john, aka, that old guy at photo/camp

    1. john! >BLUSH< thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it. I meant to ask you about your camera during class but got caught up in photoshop and then the class was over.

    2. It's a Leica M9 with a 35 mm Summicron lens. It's pretty old school (frustrating) in that it's completely manual. When you get a great shot, it's specatular. Unfortunately you tend to get A LOT of duds.


    3. Sorry, it's "spectacular."

  2. Wow, nice job with the photos, Elsie! Looks like it was a very informative and inspirational camp! ;)