Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday! 3.22.2012 // Gold Flatware

A while back, I pinned gold toned DVF flatware onto one of my Pinterest boards.

Just a smidge out of my price range. Well, more than a smidge.

West Elm is currently carrying a set too at a fraction of that cost.

Imagine my glee upon finding these puppies at the flea market last Sunday -- at a fraction of the fraction! (I daresay, it might even have been a fraction of the fraction of the fraction.)


They are Swedish and most likely from the 1920's. I mean, how could a flea market find ever be more perfect for me?

Sure, some of you may think they're tacky. I obviously don't. I think they're warm, different, a tad decadent, and perfect for brunch on the patio with bloody marys and mojitos. I do apologize for the photo. I just laid 'em all out, flea market grime and all. I don't have time right this sec to turn them out properly. They're quite lovely in real life, trust.

Take a look at how pretty a table with gold flatware CAN be:

photo via

I mean COME ON. Don't you want to pull a chair up to that table?


  1. i think they're gorgeous! good find!!

  2. Love them! I'm super jealous! They'd be perfect for a holiday table!

    1. thanks maggie. they're pretty special.

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