Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sedona is absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect getaway for us to take a breath and a pause from our increasingly hectic lives. It was a place that allowed us to reconnect with what's real and true: nature and each other.


We took our time and never rushed. We slept in and meandered. We talked about the baby and our future. We casually picked out sights from the map, but were ok if we didn't make it. We delighted in the discoveries we did make.

Javelina_statueVisitorCenter MontezumasCastle3 MontezumasWell_runnoff-stream MaidenHairFern_wild CathedralRock SaguaroCactusPlants2

I forget how vast the sky and earth is out in the desert. The famous fiery Sedona sunsets did not disappoint. No filter or color adjustments needed.


We stayed at the cheery Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale. The walls were a little thin and honestly thought the room could have been renovated with higher quality materials. But the grounds were beautiful and serene, and the service was absolutely impeccable. Also, our meal at the restaurant, Distrito, was DELICIOUS.

SaguaroHotel_decor SaguaroHotel_bed SaguaroHotelPoolView SergioRoomBalcony

I selected a handful of souvenirs from a Sedona shop that carried rocks and minerals from all around the world. But we made sure to select what was local to Arizona. Chrysocolla, Desert Rose, and Peacock Ore to remind us of this special trip.
Chrysocolla. Desert Rose. Peacock Ore. #babymoon 26 weeks! #babymoon #babybumpin #nofilter

Full photoset here.


  1. You look healthy, happy and relaxed :) good job! Plus it is beautiful there. It makes me think of all the places in California and the states that I never got around to visiting while I lived there. Why Grand Canyon? Why?

  2. Such great pics, Elsie! It looks like you guys had an awesome babymoon :)