Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marth and Henri visit!

The last time they came was two years ago and we were experiencing some sort of monsoon. Also, Oscar was not yet born!

Oscar1 Oscar2 Noe_couch

You would think we only saw the kids judging by the photos I took. I swear, Martha and Henri were around the whole time. We spent a wonderful day at one of our favorite places, The Huntington Library and Gardens. I made those coveted tea room reservations and it was really so delicious.

MarthfeedsOscar MarthaandNoe Oscar_foodface Henri_feeds_Oscar

The problem with having an iPhone is that's all I ever want to use now to take photos. It's fine in good natural light but inside...not so much. It does help capture spontaneous moments though.


A couple instagram snaps from the gardens. See, the good natural light helps...

#nofilter Cartoon plants.

Oh, and we did a little shopping. Here he is helping his mom pick a suitcase. Also, see how much he's grown since his last visit! The little man is making a funny expression. And I think that's chocolate around his mouth.


It really was great seeing Martha and Henri, and seeing how they handled the two babes at once. It is really tiring but not necessarily stressful. The kids were so good, despite being on the tail end of a very long journey away from home. Hopefully we'll have a chance to visit them in France!

Oh, hey there Oscar!

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