Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's going on with baby?

I can't believe it. I'm at 32 weeks. That means I've just started my eighth month! We're in the home stretch but it wouldn't look it if you looked at our house. It's still pretty much exactly the way it was 6 months ago. I've started  a pinterest inspiration board for the baby room which is fun. We can't afford everything on the board but it's fun to dream. Sergio just needs to finish up some work projects so he can finally switch gears to baby.


Despite not having much tangible evidence of impending parenthood, there's been other stuff. In no particular order:
  • Baby is ACTIVE. Like right this second. Kicking and punching and pushing. It really startles me at times. Last week, I was sitting on the couch, relaxing in the evening. Sergio had dozed off per usual as of late. Baby was really pushing hard and it was kind of uncomfortable. I think it was his hip or butt. So I pushed back with my hand. Gently mind you. His reaction? I think he punched me back. It was so sudden and strong that it tickled. I laughed out loud!  
  • I can't seem to find a body position that allows me to sleep through the night. Inevitably I need to switch sides or rearrange pillows because my hip or back is hurting or an arm has gone numb. Or I have to go pee. Which brings me to the next item...
  • I pretty much live in the bathroom now. Our doula prescribed 4 liters of water daily. Wow that's challenging. I think I've been able to get up to around 3 liters but haven't quite hit the magic 4. She says it would prevent swelling. It must work because there's been no swelling so far!
  • Psst! We've decided on a name. But we're keeping it a secret!
  •  I've picked a leave date for work. HUGE step.
  • My baby shower is this weekend! I'm super excited. I got a new dress and everything. It's a non-maternity, empire waist dress I got on the sale rack and I think it's so pretty! There was some risk I would outgrow it in the chest area before the shower but as of two days ago, it still fit!
  • I'm itchy. Really, really itchy. All over my torso. I've tried all kinds of oils, lotions, sleeping with a humidifier. Jessica from JessOhBee cured her case with cod liver oil and coconut oil, ingested. I may have to pick some of that stuff up tomorrow.
  • I officially waddle now. 
Otherwise, I still feel really, really good.  :)  I know that at some point, mamas-to-be just want baby out and take back their body already. I'm not quite there yet but am getting really excited at the prospect of meeting our little guy so soon.

I am so lucky. It's all still magic.


  1. saturday i'll be 36 weeks, so it's fun to follow along with you on a similar timeline! yes, I do a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily (posted the brand I like in a recent blog post) and upped my other oils. I melt about a tablespoon of coconut oil then pour it in my cereal in the morning, with the milk. easy for my to digest and helped a ton with itchy, red skin I had all over my body. good luck - you're almost there!!

    1. thanks jessica! it's so nice how warm cozy the mama club is these days -- reaching out, sharing tips, lending support. Also, you guys must be sooo excited! she's going to be here so soon! i'll be watching your blog closely as the time draws near. Happy valentines day!