Friday, March 15, 2013

Neverland: Leaving and Returning

Today was my last day at work before going on maternity leave. Frankly, I was ready a week ago. Sure I'll miss my coworkers. But I've been ready. Ready for the space. Ready to make a clean break from how I conducted my life before our little guy enters it. Ready to concentrate on becoming a mama.

There are definite moments of melancholy when I think about how much change is about to happen. I'm typically the biggest change cheerleader. But this is sort of huge. I know I will miss the dynamic of us being just me and Sergio. I know I will miss the indulgence of only needing to mind for myself. I know I will miss feeling my little baby inside of me.

"But it will be so much better," said Sergio. Yes. I know. Even though, how could I really know since I've never been a mom before. But I do know and I'm excited for it. Still. It's this odd sensation. Kind of like I'm Peter Pan about to leave Neverland. Perhaps I should turn that notion around? Maybe I should think of it as if I'm about to take Peter Pan's little hand and soar into Neverland forever.

Me in my cubicle, just before leaving to have my baby.

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