Tuesday, March 12, 2013

36 Weeks

Month nine has commenced. I can hardly believe it. But here we are, on the cusp of becoming parents. We're about to be charged with the life of another human being and making sure he is nurtured and nourished into a good person. I think maybe we're ready but then, who ever really is?

Here I am from last Sunday, day two of week 36. I donned the green baby shower dress again for my maternity portrait session.


I hadn't planned on having maternity portraits done but when I booked a newborn session for our little man to be, I thought, why not? It's my first pregnancy and (I know I've said it before,) this journey has been pure magic. Why not capture some of that magic with some nice portraits? We hired Maggie Keegan Gross, who I met through Betsy. We get to see the images this weekend and I'm so excited!

Here's a preview from Maggie's instagram feed.

Regram from maternity shoot with @maggie_kg // Also 36 weeks! That's the start of month 9 guys! Eeee!

Sergio snapped an in-action shot with his phone. The bed isn't really crooked. I think it's just the phone camera distortion.


It's also my final week at work before I go maternity leave. I've worked hard to ready my team for my absence and today, I managed to clear my inbox! Can I get a whoop, whoop!?

Wrapping things up at work. That's right. ZERO items in the inbox! Yes! #babybumpin

I'm looking forward to focus on nesting and getting ready. I'm also just so tired now. I feel really good overall but the sheer size of my belly is taking a physical toll. Not being able to stay comfortable in any one position and therefore sleep is, well, yawn. Hopefully I'll learn how to nap properly in the next three weeks.


  1. looks like those pictures are going to be stunning! i started leave on a Friday and Mila was born the Monday morning just days later! so much decorating, nesting and errands not done! hope you get some good time in because that would have been nice ;)

    1. I can't wait to read about Mila's birth story, if you're writing one. Hope everything is going will with the little one. I hope to see more photos! I'm looking forward to getting some time in to focus on some things now before baby arrives and priorities shift forever.