Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sqirl Cafe

We finally got around to trying Sqirl cafe and we are in loove with the food. I mean, it even made Jonathan Gold's top 10 of 2012! Must be for real, right? Here's his original review.

The seating situation is kind of uncomfortable, especially for this pregnant lady. It's all teeny low wooden side tables so you have to be ok with hunching over the plates/cups/glasses you so carefully tetris-ed together. And the crowd is nice and very, very hip. It's about the food though. Oh the food! So tasty.

I got a sorrel pesto on brown rice with watermelon radish, feta cheese and poached egg. It was the BEST! Sergio's generously portioned prosciutto fennel sandwich was legit too. He had a cappuccino which I tasted and it was perfect smooth. No sweetener needed! I also got a housemade rhubarb pink lemonade that I found just a touch too tart.

Sorrel-Pesto-Rice Prosciutto-and-Fennel-Sandwich Sergio

We over ordered and ended up taking the famous hazelnut brioche toast home and of course, we ate it without me taking any photos. It was heavenly.

I can't wait to go back - maybe order to go this time.

720 N. Virgil Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 394-6526

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