Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to biz

Get ready for some TMI. In fact, skip this post if you are not a girl. Because I'm going to talk about girl stuff. I'll give you a moment to close this.

Just a moment ago. Sunrises change so quickly. (The sky has been showing off lately, hasn't it?)

Still there?

If you're still here it means you don't care, do care, or are about to be (regrettably curious). Anyway. I warned you.

Last Thursday, January 16, I got my period.

It's significant because it's my first period since I became pregnant with Luca, which was June 2012. It's been a year and 7 months! Nursing is nature's way of telling a new mama's body that she's not ready to get pregnant again because the little one is still little enough to be nursed. So hey, let's stop throwing those eggs down the tubes for a while - k? In fact, there's a name for it! (Thank you Internets.) The Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is a form of natural birth control which takes advantage of how milk-making hormones also suppress ovulation. Nature really is grand and so damned logical. Now with the combination of me going back to work so I can't nurse on demand and Luca eating more food, my body is like - ok. Babe I'm back. Let's get back to it.

I knew this day would come soon and actually, I had suspected I was ovulating last weekend. I've learned to read my body so much better after trying to conceive. In fact, this whole baby experience has made me closer to my body than before. Honestly, we've never been best buddies. Usual girl angst and body issues. But now, I'm sort of in awe. I mean, it made - and pushed out - a human being and now it's just sort of back to biz as usual. What!

I'm sort of bummed because not dealing with a period is awesome. But also, excited to be...whole again. I was just talking with a girlfriend about how I finally felt like me again just a few weeks ago. It took me nine months from Luca's birth. And now my body's back too. Also, if anyone's asking, I'm NOT ready to have another baby yet. Quit asking. You all are so greedy.

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