Thursday, January 9, 2014

Luca - Month 8 + 9

Again, impossible to remember details any more. But right now, right this moment, Luca is just days from crawling. He gets on all fours and kind of wobbles back and forth and scoots one knee forward, but then drops onto his tummy to slide himself forward via an army crawl of sorts. He can get around the house like that. But maybe he never will properly crawl because he's pulled himself up onto his feet in front of the couch and in his crib. So maybe he will walk before crawling? We hold his hands and he can pull himself onto his feet, and we walk him around while holding his hands - he goes really quickly actually. His little legs move in a quick march.

Luca_9_Months2 Luca_8_Months2
Note from 12/31/13: Luca almost climbed out of his crib today. He also learned how to fling food with his spoon and get to a sitting position from his tummy. It was a big day! We dropped his mattress lower to nearly the last position. Oh my. His crib looks so big and cavernous now.
Still no teeth but oh so close! It's like he goes through bouts of teething and then the angst subsides but still no teeth. That's ok though. For now, I'm quite loving that gaping gummy smile. Also, he bites when he nurses and it already hurts so much!

I'm giving him all kinds of food to taste now. He really likes tangerines and blackberries. And LOVES water.
Note from 12/26/13: Luca learned how to use a straw today!
He's learned how to suck out of the baby food packets which makes it so much easier. Though, it is quite messy the second he's done eating but there's still some left in the pouch. Basically he sucks it into his mouth and then squirts it out of his mouth. Sometimes he'll spit it out via making raspberries. I'm still pumping at work but my supply is way down. I'm trying to get it back up using fenugreek and Mother's Milk tea. It's kind of stressful because I want to avoid formula. We'll see. We're thinking of weaning by the time he turns 1 - only 3 more months!

He experienced his first cold while on our trip in Las Vegas. Which of course made it not really a vacation after all.

Sometimes, when he's really happy about something, he does this cute little wiggle and smile. It's so good. And his squeal! eeeeek! So loud! When he does it in public, I think it must annoy people. But I LOVE it so much. It's the sound of joy emitting from that little person and I kind of egg him on instead of shushing him. Also, he's been making the bub-bub-bub sound using this fingers and hand on this mouth. And he likes to put his open mouth on our arms and then lift his head up real quick while making a noise with his mouth. mmmmmm...bah!

We removed the little stopper in his whale tub since he's sitting up now. I think we'll try bubble-bath soap this Sunday.

He's really strong. And he's scratching a lot with his razor sharp nails. And slapping our faces. He just doesn't get that what he's doing hurts. Or maybe he does?

He has developed quite the flirty side to the ladies and we've caught him watching as a young girl walks by.

His little mustache is fading.

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