Sunday, April 5, 2015

Luca Turns Two!

LucaTurnsTwo_TrainTable LucaTurnsTwo_ChairPortrait1

Luca is learning in rapid fire these days. He's so quickly become our little boy. Once in a while, I can capture a moment where he still looks a little bit baby. But for the most part, Luca the kid has arrived.

IMG_6140 IMG_6141

We surprised him with a trip on the "big" train. He was really so excited. While we were waiting for our train, a Metrolink train passed by, blaring its horn. He was quite stunned. The look on his face...poor guy. Afterward he kept saying, "Scared. Train. Scared. Scared." I had to cover his ears the next time the Metrolink came by.

Loud Metrolink


But actually getting on OUR train, sitting in the chair looking out the window -- was so exciting! Spotting things he recognized as they went by the window was a fun game. It kept him occupied for a full hour we think. With intermittent pauses to climb on the chairs, flirt with neighboring passengers, eat, drink, throw, cry about wanting to go down the stairs....

IMG_6157 IMG_6162 IMG_6163 IMG_6160

He even squeezed in a nap before we arrived in San Diego!



We ate pizza and enjoyed the fanciest birthday dessert a two-year-old has ever had.


Gong-Gong and Po-Po with Luca!

The day after his birthday we stopped in at his Gong-Gong's and Po-Po's for a birthday wish. He is still getting the hang of blowing out candles. He understands the concept but his technique is not quite right yet. It's more like pursed lip almost spitting.

Luca Blows out his candle!

My baby boy. Happy birthday my sweetness.

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