Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Offer Accepted! Whoa.

But that house we fell in love with wasn't meant to be. Someone entered escrow on it right before the broker's open on our house. Sigh. We were promised as first back-up though so we hoped the first buyer's would fall out. Onward.

I was at work during the caravan which kept me distracted from being too nervous.

Apparently a buyer came to the broker's open and expressed a lot of interest. He hung around for a long time and asked if he could come back later that night with his fiance. Wow!

By the time I came home, they were gone so that was fine. Later that night we received an offer. Just a little bit later, we accepted. We were officially under contract. Basically, our house was listed and then under contract in about a day. Our minds were blown.

I had kind of hoped that meant we didn't have to keep the house super meticulous going forward, but we were still going to keep the open house the following Sunday to generate back-ups. This meant we had a chance to do even more decluttering and cleaning by Sunday.

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