Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Open Housing

The Saturday before our open house, we looked at a few opens houses in our target areas. We saw some really nice homes and driving around gave us a better sense of areas. We even discovered a beautiful area we hadn't known about. Our bullseye target has been Mt. Washington, but we were open to other areas with good schools - for our price range and distance from my family, Luca's preschool, and work, the only other areas really were Eagle Rock and Glendale, in that order.

Mt. Washington
This one was interesting. The owners had added square footage which was nice, but because of the hillside location, it had to be added at the bottom of the house. The flow was a little bit odd for us. Although it had obviously been well maintained and loved, neither of us really connected with it. And there wasn't much of a view.

Mt. Washington
So this one...I really liked the upstairs where all the bedrooms were situated. It felt nice up there and the master opened up to an easy to maintain courtyard/patio. But the rest of the house felt disjointed to us. And again, no view. And the street was a little busy for us.

Chevy Chase Canyon
We LOOOOVVVED the grounds of this home. It was an idyllic property with a giant tree to climb, dry creek that turned wet in rainy season with a little foot bridge, room for chickens...Luca loved it. The house wasn't that big but had nice updates and stylistic choices we liked. The biggest drawback was the location. It was on a larger, albeit beautiful and tree-lined, road. In fact, it was a main road for this particulary neighborhood. And I think the driveway was shared. It was nice to discover this neighborhood though. Trees everywhere, lovely, gracious homes, that had not quite gotten McMansioned yet. So pretty.

Adams Hill
Beautiful, beautiful home. The family who lived there obviously had fantastic taste and were very creative. The walls were filled with art, there were plenty of bedrooms, and the view was great. I must admit, I caught a bit of an odd vibe from the agent when we first walked in. He didn't ever acknowledge us. The strangest thing ever. Usually, if we walk into a place where the person doesn't think we're the right fit, they typically say hello at least. Typically followed by a plastic smile. There wasn't even that much at this one. BUT, there was no denying how lovely the house was and how well it had been taken care of.

Open houses are fun but we had Luca with us and while he was fine most of the day, he was definitely really cranky toward the end. We had to rush out of the last house because he was on a spiral toward meltdown.

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