Friday, March 25, 2016

The Jewel Box House

While negotiating for the Chevy Chase Canyon house with the spectacular view, I went to the preview for a Spanish Style house in Eagle Rock I had seen early ads for - the description was promising. Sergio happened to have been too sick to pick up Luca that day, so I did and brought him with me to the preview. It is just down the street from Oxy so that was easy.



It was like a perfect Jewel box house. And Luca seemed to really like it too. The backyard helped.

Seeing this house while in negotiations on the Chevy Chase Canyon home definitely cast some doubts and made me extremely hesitant to pull the final trigger on it. Sergio told me to drive up to the Chevy Chase Canyon house after work and see how I felt when I saw it again. "If it doesn't move you, we shouldn't get it." It might have been the drive itself that sold me. The tree lined road, the beautiful neighborhood...and then that house is at the end of a cul de sac, overlooking a wonderful, natural view...and the sun was setting over the hills just beyond the deck. That drive sold me on it.

But I told Sergio that he should see the Spanish in Eagle Rock anyway, just in case. There happened to be an open house the same day we went into escrow on the Chevy Chase Canyon house.

I wish you didn't show me this house is better than what you described it.

Damn it. He loved it too. And I could hear it in his voice when we talked - he loved it just as much as I did. Crap. He called our agent who met him out at the house. There were discussions about how much we would have to offer to ensure we got it. Basically we would have to offer just as much as we did for the Chevy Chase Canyon house. Which is a lot, especially for this square footage. We would knowingly be buying it way overpriced. Our agent said it's rare that both people have such a strong, immediate reaction to a house. It's worth a shot. But we had to be aware that we would be paying more than what she thought the house was worth. The market is just so crazy right now. And apparently we were going crazy. Because we submitted an offer, giving them 24 hours to respond. We had not yet put the deposit down on the Chevy Chase Canyon house, and inspections hadn't been done yet so we wouldn't lose anything if we pulled out.

So, we entered escrow at about 9AM on one house, and made an offer on another by about noon? We are going crazy. Obviously.

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