Friday, March 25, 2016

We "sleep" on it

So we spent a very sleepless night agonizing over which house to stick with.

Spanish in Eagle Rock

  • Move-in ready
  • Gorgeous
  • Pool
  • Familiar neighborhood
  • Familiar lifestyle
  • Near Luca's current school
  • Great local public schools for later
  • Near  my parents
  • Did I mention gorgeous?

  • Would likely never make profit on this house if we sold in the next 10-15 years, maybe 20. Likely not break even.
  • Did I mention it was going to be a shit-ton of money? 

Chevy Chase Canyon

  • Potential! Every house in the area was more expensive. We would put in the sweat equity and would make a profit even if we sell in just two years.
  • BEAUTIFUL neighborhood
  • Quiet and secluded
  • We could put our stamp on this house
  • Great local schools
  • We would have to pour a large chunk of money into the house before we could even move in - and not on anything fun. Just basic safety issues.
  • ALL the rooms needed to be updated but we would have to defer that until we could afford it.
  • Unfamiliar neighborhood
  • Unfamiliar lifestyle 

We came to our senses. It was hard not to be dazzled by the jewel box house but in the end, we decided to stick with our original decision. We would choose to invest in the Chevy Chase Canyon house. It would simply be the best for our future.

So we backed out of the Spanish and move ahead with Chevy Chase Canyon. What were we thinking? Like I said, we were going crazy from stress and sleeplessness. Just crazy.

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