Friday, May 6, 2016

Micio Come Home

Our sweet girl Micio disappeared shortly after we moved. We think she sauntered quietly out of an unattended open side door, curious about her new surroundings. But because she is an indoor car and this was a completely new house and area, we don't think she knew her way back. There are many resident coyotes in our neighborhood, which is notoriously disastrous for wandering kitties. So, we are hopeful that she was taken in by another family, or managed to get down the hill to continue on a grand adventure.

We are very sad about this right now and actually hope no one asks us about her anymore. We plan to take down the flyers soon. Seeing her face everywhere is kind of tough. Still, every little cat-like noise we hear outside each evening brings a surge of hope, however foolish it might be. Our other cat, Mia, has been depressed and laying by that side door every day. She's coming around though, and adjusting. As we should too I guess.

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