Friday, May 6, 2016

Home Sweet Home

So while on the way home from the official EMF reading on the Chevy Chase Canyon house, Sergio gave me a call. We should take another look at the spiral staircase house in Mt. Washington. "You mean the death spiral staircase house?" Yep, that very same.

The price had dropped and it was in our range now. Sort of. Like a giant uncomfortable stretch reach. But worth it, right? The house is huge! And in our original target area, walking distance from the elementary school. And the things we didn't like about it were purely cosmetic. The house itself was in really great shape.

Sergio started making mock-ups of what the house would look like without the spiral staircase. And what we could do to change up the front of the house. I said, sure. Let's go for it. "Really?" he asked. "Yes, let's do it."

So he called our agent and she reached out to the listing agent. There was some back/forth with pricing. Escrow went smoothly, inspections were normal, and we closed on the house just about two weeks ago!!!!

Here we are just after getting the keys and before we stepped into the house. My mom came along to do the new home blessing.

Our first meal was a quick banh-mi lunch that mom brought. Did we mention the view?

It will be a while before we settle in and get out from under these boxes. At least the dining table is set up. Meals together at the table is the quickest way to normalcy, right?

It has been a wild ride for sure. With many, many bumps, much sleeplessness, and stress. But we are very happy and feel SO GRATEFUL AND FORTUNATE. Our agent and loan rep have become our friends and we feel so lucky to have found them. The community here is tight-knit and we've already felt so welcome.


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