Monday, June 1, 2009

Jenny's Bridal Shower


The French themed brunch turned out beautiful! There was french music, french food, Provence colors on the tables...Jenny had a great time and was very happy. The food was delicious, games fun and gifts thoughtful.

For more photos, visit my Shutterfly account.

It was a lot of work but everyone (most importantly, the bride-to-be) seemed to have a good time so we (the bridesmaids) were quite pleased. Stephanie made all the quiches, cupcakes and cake and spent a lot of time prepping, decorating food and chopping fruit. Fabi was the mistress of games as well as expert pom-pom maker, provided furniture and helped decorate-- including made those cute little fork and napkin combos. I did the invitations, favors, photo display, setup ...and lots of cleaning and gardening as it was at my house! Sergio gets major props as he did ALL of the heavy lifting and A LOT, A LOT of cleaning. He helped get the french music (contributed by Steph) going, helped rent and set up the chairs, got up early to go with me to the flower mart and then disappeared so he wouldn't intrude on the ladies only brunch. THANK YOU everyone for being part of my sister's special day.

Toilet Paper Brides! (Please ignore my annoying commentary. Very sorry I wasn't a silent camera person. -elau)

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